Innovating for Edge Computing

Innovating for Edge Computing

We make it affordable to everyone

Vioneta Edge Enterprise

Easy to Deploy,Simple to Use and Affordable Solution that can Connect and Manage at Scale.

Pluggable and Extensible Software Architecture

Modern, distributed, microservices based software architecture. Support for containerization enables application portability and helps simplify application deployment and orchestration.

Ensure Security and Compliance

Inbuild Host-based Intrusion Detection System Secure your devices from any external threats.You can firewall and filter critical data and devices, processing locally on premise, and only expose selected data and applications to the Cloud.

End to End Connectivity and Interoperability

Vioneta provides reference implementations for key IoT protocols (e.g. MQTT, Modbus, BACnet, etc. ) along with SDKs to allow users to add new ones. Vioneta is cloud agnostic and provides flexible connectivity to and from different enterprise and IT environments.

Wide Market Applicability

Vioneta provides a horizontal set of standard services that be used to support edge computing use cases across industry verticals including: Manufacturing, Retail, Agriculture, Transportation, Hospitality, Healthcare, and more.But there is no limitation what you can build with vioneta.

Low Latency Performance and Scalability

Vioneta designed to run on a gateway, a server and/or class computing equipment using standard Windows or Linux operating systems. Vioneta, also enables businesses to strategically choose which data they need to send to the Cloud, and which can be processed in a cost-effective fashion at the Edge.

Operate Reliably even with Intermittent Connectivity

Vioneta can enable manufacturing equipment and other smart devices to operate without disruption even when Internet connectivity is down or intermittent. This makes it ideal for businesses that count on the ability to quickly analyse and action data – e.g. to detect and respond to equipment failures in remote locations without Internet access.

Why Vioneta?
Why Vioneta?

Why Vioneta?

1. Work With Any Hardware - We Built Vioneta With Flexibility At Its Core. We Can Adapt To Sensors From Whatever Manufacturers You Need.

2. Enterprise Security - vioneta Platform Is Built With Security As A Top Priority. Vioneta’s High Level Security Architecture Ensures Data Is Secure At All Points Of The Edge Environment.

3. Easy To Use - Deploying Purpose-built Edge Computing Solutions Has Never Been So Simple. You Can Use Our Codeless Platform To Deploy Custom Iot, predictive Analytics Easily.

4. Limitless Commercial Application - Vioneta Uses Edge Computing Technology To Integrate With Whichever Sensors You Need, From Controlling Smart Homes To Monitoring Utility Costs In Factories. Analyze Real World Data Systems On A Large Scale, With 24/7 Monitoring & Firmware Management For 10,000+ Installations.

5. Highest Level Flexibility - Vioneta Platform Is Limitlessly Flexible And Is An End-to-end Solution Able To Cater To Every One Of Your Business’ Needs. With It, You Can Quickly Adjust, Iterate And Grow.

6. Grow Your Sensor Data Collection Without Sacrificing The Performance - whether You’re Struggling To Integrate Hundreds Of Sensors Or Plan To Grow To Millions, Vioneta Lets You Seamlessly Collect Data From An Infinite Number Of Sensors Simultaneously, Without Sacrificing Performance Or Reliability.

Vioneta Edge Enterprise in Industries

Vioneta Edge Enterprise can be used in wide range of Industries due to its   flexible architecture and customizable features.


Meet the growing demand for high-quality and high-volume produce with an Agriculture edge computing solution from Vioneta. Our platform enable you to adopt smart and precision farming methods to lower costs, reduce waste, and improve farm quality and yield. Vioneta platform offers new, unrivalled opportunities to improve every aspect of smart agriculture.

Transport & Logistics

Tomorrow's transport and logistics industries will depend on edge computing solutions to reduce costs and improve performance. Use Vioneta to track the location of assets location real time and monitor its utilization to drive game-changing business outcomes.


Edge computing, IoT and new devices, sensor technologies is driving efficiencies within factories and throughout the manufacturing process.Today’s Factories depend on vast amount of data gather in just a moment and taking action through constant analysing the data and make automated decisions, predictions and actions in real-time to optimize industrial output, Vioneta can help you to discover new opportunities to reduce costs,improve factories performance and master OEE.

Health Care

Modern healthcare has technology at its core. Machine learning, AI, as well as asset and patient monitoring through smart devices is transforming the sector. Vioneta can make this role more efficient and reliable.

Smart Energy

Vioneta edge-enabled system would enable real-time assessment of supply and demand for limited renewable energy resources, such as solar and wind power. Edge computing will provide a real-time view of the energy supply and demand levels in an area, by interacting with IoT applications at an extremely low latency. With the help of micro grids, electricity providers would then be able to supply sufficient levels of renewable energy resource to match the electricity demand of a local area.

Who we Are ...

Our Story

Vioneta was founded in beginning of 2020. One of our co-founder found out that Newzealand farmers are struggling to do farming in because of labour shortages, less crop yield and new environmental protection laws. He strongly believes technology can help with these issues. After long discussion with his brother they started vioneta. A tech startup focus on iot technologies, edge computing and ai.

Our Company

We always believe in making difference through technology without boundaries. Even we started this company to make a difference for farmers as we work on this we understand there are limitless of application for iot and edge. Vioneta main goal is to provide innovative and reliable iot and edge solutions for everyone with affordable price. We are hoping to cater wide range of small to medium size businesses in manufacturing, transportation, logistics, shipping, renewable energy, smart agriculture and more.

Meet Our Founders

Isuru Wijesundara

Co-Founder @ Vioneta

Isuru is a talented and passionate individual who has more concern on business perspective of the Vioneta. He has good understanding of marketing, finance and eager to take risk to achieve goals. He motivates his team to work on innovative approach that can deliver results. He is obsessed with customer satisfaction that needed for full-fill business success.

Charith Wijesundara

Co-Founder @ Vioneta

Charith is a Software engineer, Self learn systems/Dev Ops Engineer. He is handling all technical aspect of Vioneta. He is the brain in our project. He works so hard to deliver best possible edge solution that can cater wider range businesses.

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